Why Maple Mart

Say no to pushing a cart through the aisles searching for parking in the winter, waiting in the cashier queue or lifting heavy bags. In just a few clicks, you will get your favorite specialty food items delivered to your doorstep.

Everyday, we make people's lives easier by collecting a variety of specialty foods from different corners of the world and bringing them all to one convenient, online marketplace. Maple Mart is ideal for anyone looking to find different types of specialty food products from across the world.

Maple Mart feels prides in being:


A wide selection of specialty food in one single online location available at your fingertips. You can order from anywhere and everywhere and get them delivered to your desired location, whether that is home, office or school.

Fast and Easy

Simply add the items you want to your cart and checkout. Order groceries wherever you have access to the internet. To make it even easier, you can retrieve your shopping history to make reordering a breeze. No internet? No problem, call us to retrieve your previous orders and simply repeat, or add to it!

Cost Effective

Save time and gas money, not to mention checkout lines, parking and traffic. Take advantage of extra savings with our buy more save more options, online promotions, and coupons as well as our specialty international offerings at the best price!

Safe and Secure

Feel comfortable ordering from Maple Mart knowing you'll have the guarantee of only top quality products delivered to your doorstep packed with care by our friendly and reliable staff!