Shepherds Pie 850g
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Brand: Nostra Gourmet Foods
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Shepherds Pie 850g - Since 2000, Nostra Gourmet meals have been made by had with the same care and attention to detail that you would use in your own kitchen. With only Fresh Flavours and No Additives, we can be sure that Nostra's products have a homemade feel and taste. Nostra's Shepherd's PIe has the distinct taste of home, topped with creamy and delicious potatoes, and cooked to perfection. Using only fresh ingredients we are able to make sure that every time you pull that meal out of the oven, it tastes just like mom used to make. No fillers or additives !

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BRAND Nutro Gusto
BRAND Nostra Gourmet Foods
BRAND Nutro Gusto

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